#Affilienet Digital Media Premier Digital Advertising Agency

Affilienet Digital Media Exquisite Of Digital Marketing Agency
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#Affilienet Digital Media Premier Digital Advertising Agency

Affilienet Digital Media | An International Affiliate Network

Affilienet digital media affiliate network includes thousands of leading websites which collectively deliver billions of impressions per month, making it one of the leading online affiliate networks. With offices in Mahoba And New Delhi, we offer customized online advertising solutions tailored for specific markets including – India, US and Rest of the world across our channels.

Our Services

Affilienet is India’s fastest growing affiliate network

Affiliate marketing

Lead generation today is one of the vastest activities on online space where we perform great to be a part of it. We work on several options for this activity in regards to Display, Email, and Text Ads. Our Lead Generation program gives an advertiser the opportunity to get genuine profiles of niche databases with due respect to the requirements of their product/services. We act as a liaison between advertisers and affiliates, striving for a profitable balance for both sides.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing has grown globally on the back of SaaS platforms, affiliate networks, performance marketing agencies and third-party tools that help track and attribute marketing activities. Media PromotionvOur Performance Marketing Summit will engage industry experts to look at how brands have optimised their digital ad spends. Infographics Content We also focus on the methods that publishers follow to extract the true value of inventory for advertisers.​

Display ads

Display ads on a wide variety of high-ranking websites depending on the target audience through Standard / Rich Media for high visibility. Giving realistic impressions to an ad campaign, we provide the most suitable traffic which runs purely on CPM. Herein, we take care of innovations, pop up, pop under, rich media based activities. CPM is majorly run for gaining online visibility, building brand image, creating recognition, etc.


  • Premium Direct Advertisers
  • Premium international Exclusive & Unique Offers
  • Real time Optimization
  • Global Rotator  & Individual Campaign Links
  • Fast, Simple Integration & Tracking
  • Monetize unsold remnant or back fill traffic
  • Lots of Vertical Options
  • Landing Page Management & Optimization
  • Simple Reporting
  • Fast implementation
  • We monetize all types of international traffic with our global smart links and our CPA campaigns

A glimpse of the services that we offer 

  • Ad Operations – execute day-to-day advanced monetizing solutions.
  • Programmatic (RTB) solutions –  When you have a new product, multiple audiences, and a limited budget.
  • Paid Media Marketing (AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Media Planning & Buying solutions – When you need help to develop a multi-channel campaign in a tight time-frame.
  • Your other Agency – If you are stuck working towards a deadline, or you’ve been let down by what you’ve seen from someone else, we’re a low risk / high return option.
  • Innovative media – Creative ad formats focused on customer engagement using digital platforms.

Benefits of using a smart link!

Create intelligent tracking URLs which distribute traffic according to individual criteria. Alternatively, distribute traffic through weighted splitters.

Publishers… Your Traffic Is Valuable!

Ride the affilienet wave and turn your remnant or untargeted traffic into gold! Partnering with
affilienet gives you access to exclusive international campaigns with the best converting landing pages we design ourselves.
Choose from individual campaigns or one of our global rotator links. With global coverage and campaigns for both desktop and mobile,
we have your traffic covered. Login to your account at any time to get up to date stats on how your traffic is performing.
affilienet makes it nice and easy to make more money from your valuable traffic!

Start making money on your traffic now!! Our simple, effective and super profitable solution is waiting for you. We manage and optimize all landing pages, creatives and offers so you can focus on media buying and driving the traffic. Our global rotator is a fast and easy way to make money on your remnant, unsold, capped/dead or redirect traffic, and our unique single offers provide you with the most cutting edge offers on the market.

Advertisers… Rope in Quality Leads!

Let affilienet round up the highest quality leads for your offers. Our many years of marketing experience combined with top notch optimization technology helps us to deliver the best performance possible. affilienet’s seasoned staff oversees all the marketing materials and creative ensuring complete brand protection. We’re always looking for new opportunities to work directly with the best advertisers. Don’t hesitate, partner with us today!

What are you waiting for? Get started with us and get the best leads for your offers. Our inventory of quality international traffic allows you to scale and achieve your marketing objectives quickly. affilienet’s experienced staff will oversee all your campaigns to ensure the highest quality of traffic. Get started with affilienet and get quality, global reach and experience.

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